Thursday, February 09, 2006

Putting some work on Ebay.

I thought I'd put some work onto Ebay to test the waters.
I'm not expecting a great deal but thought I'd just keep my name in the frame, if you know what I mean?
It hurts like hell, but I'm starting the bidding off at only £4.99. It's criminal.

Anyone out there who knows anything at all about watercolour, should see some rather unusual shading and gradations in this work which should make them wonder how it was done.

This one is called Trio. It's 1/8th of an imperial sheet. 140lb.


  1. Lovely watercolours, John. The more recent stylized work is quite a change from the original post, but I like them a lot. You are being very coy about this unnamed technique...


    I've been busy and unable to paint lately myself, and therefore also no time for looking or posting, but when I get a chance I will put a link to your pages.

  2. Hi Clive I'm not sure if I respond to you here or whether I should try and contact you via your blog?

    Anyway, just in case you come here, a little more about the new technique. I invented this technique/device a couple of years ago when I was trying to tame watercolour, however after taking out a patent and trying to get it to market I just kept hitting brick walls.

    I want to reveal all soon but I currently need to earn my living with electronic design work.

    When I get more time I'll get this blog going properly and let the cat out of the bag.

    In the meantime I'll post some more bits and pieces to whet the appetite.

    Your work by the way is absolutely brilliant. If I ever got that good, I'd be one very happy man.

  3. Hi John,
    Your blog is brilliant !!!
    Best of luck with the work you are putting on ebay, I have just signed myself to try to sell some prints there, Do not know if it will work, I find everything beside my painting very time consuming.

  4. Hi John, my message was added to your page.
    The red artist is me Beatrice.
    Just am careful at time what I write since every little sentence on site is picked by Google !


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