Monday, March 06, 2006

First Watercolour Charger Tutorials Published.

There's some weird stuff going on here in this painting. Unfortunately, you need to be a watercolour painter to realise what they are but it still makes an interesting painting anyway. Look at the hard/soft edges, the gradations (look at the sphere) and the negative/positive shapes, especially in the boys face. The picture is almost sculpted out of the paper surface.

I'm pleased to say that this project has become very popular and I'm getting hundreds of hits worldwide everyday. I have a number of people who have been waiting for me to publish the Watercolour Charger tutorials and I'm pleased to say that I have been able to publish the first batch this evening. 6th March 2006.

I hope you find them interesting and that they will open up a whole new watercolour experience for you. I'm open to suggestions about what I should include, and I would be happy to publish any techniques that you may discover for yourself. I also intend to show work from Watercolour Charger users who are pushing the limits of watercolour. Here is a link to the tutorials. There will be more following as soon as I can write them. Let me know if you should find any mistakes please.

Don't forget. Keep your brush moist and don't let the drips run down your ferrule. Until next time.

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  1. Terrific job, John. This really is a novel invention - shame you can't get a manufacturer to take it up.

    Beautifully clear instructions and tutorial.

    I shall certainly be making one.

    BTW I would make the link to the Tutorial more prominent - capitls? - I had to search for it.



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