Thursday, March 02, 2006

Suspension Lifted

Wow! Did I get in a state?

Serves me right for doing no forward planning. I thought I'd just release a whole load of information to my art friends without realising how much information was involved. I had hyperlinks and files within folders within files going all over the place and I got in a right old 'Two and Eight'. (Cockney Rhyming Slang for 'state').

However, I have now got it all under control and made it much easier for you to navigate and see what it is I'm showing you. If you want to see this fresh information about my Watercolour Innovation now, just click this LINK and you will be taken there immediately. Let me know what you think. Eh?

I'm going to have a rest now and work out what to do next. I have some tutorials to write and upload but I really want to get my brushes wet. I think I may get a bike and start a series of paintings showing sights of Edmonton in London. I am very close to where the 2012 Olympics will be coming from. But then again, I'm getting pulled over to the abstract/surreal side of what I do. Decisions. Decisions.

Until next time.


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