Saturday, March 04, 2006

Watercolour Painting in 3D.

Cezanne said that everything in nature is made up of spheres, cylinders and cones. So if you can paint those then you should be able to paint anything in nature. When using watercolour, we normally model form and volume by applying successive layers of paint. Take a look at the examples above and work out how you would tackle them. Try and paint the doughnut (toroid) shape or the bubble.

I painted all these using brush, paint, water and my new device in just one single pass. I paint in 3D. I will be explaining how you can do this too in some tutorials that I am currently preparing to publish here on the internet.

If you want to make your own device for as little as the cost of a half pan of watercolour paint, check out my New Watercolour Innovation.

I'm hoping to have the tutorials ready soon so check back occassionally. Oh! by the way the red/yellow sphere was painted with alizarin crimson and raw sienna both on the brush at the same time. I'll also show you how you can paint the most convincing wet-in-wet rainbow with four colours on your brush all at the same time. Impossible? No. Not anymore.


  1. John, your linked pages on the charger are wonderful and informative, very well thought out. The device looks very pro, it's amazing. And I bet it works. Personally, I know that in the near future I'm not going to be able to find the time to construct it or mess around with it; I'm sorry to confess that. Perhaps if I quit this blogging I'd have more time! Anyway, when I find time, may I email painters I know with a link to your blog and website to check this out? Some of them may have wet styles that are well suited to this device. Again, I would hope that you consider doing teaching or workshops and show up with this device; I'm sure it would create a real buzz seeing it in action, and you would have instant converts. You should also name the thing, something like the Johnny-Charger, or the Aqua-Salmon, or something and one day you'll end up in the O.E.D.!

  2. Hey Clive, Aqua-Salmon and Johnny-Charger. Yeah I like that. Please do e-mail a link to your friends, The more the merrier. Thanks.

    PS. Anyone out there want a demo? Get in touch.


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