Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Phoebus. Watercolour and Charcoal. 14.75 x 10.75 inches.

I think I've lost my way. Although I start out with all good intentions I find my ideas get hijacked half-way through and get taken into a different direction.

Although the way this painting turned out is a surprise for me, I do like the overall effect. To me it looks like a work created in oil rather than watercolour.


  1. love it!! Full of energy!! GREAT piece!

  2. I think artists work in two different ways. Some have the vision in their heads before they start, then execute it. Others enjoy the serendipity/chaos. It can be scary to let go if you're used to control, but it can also be exhilirating.

    BTW, have you been looking at stained glass lately? This piece reminds me a lot of light through a stained glass window (a modern one -- like the Matisse Vence Cathedral designs). It's a great piece.

  3. Yes, I think I fall into the serendipity camp from time to time. It can be exciting and very frustrating at the same time though.


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