Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Woman in a Blue Armchair.

Those of you who do not paint will not understand how difficult it is to paint in a looser manner to what one has become used to.

Over the years, I know that I have become concerned with control of the medium and my work had become tighter and more thought out.

This particular painting is another step for me to paint in a more casual, splashy and less controlled manner. This particular painting may have taken only an hour to execute, but it took three hours of thinking, deliberation and psyching up before I picked my brushes up.

Picasso picked up on this point. Give a child a crayon and a piece of paper and they immediately start drawing and creating with virtually no forethought, but as we get older, we lose that ability. Picasso strived to get back to that naive creativity for the rest of his life, and I suppose that is my aim also. This is just another step on that journey.


  1. The charcoal and watercolour seem to work very well together, regardless of the abstraction. Very interesting stuff.

  2. Hello there :) you have a beautfiul blog, I hope do you mind I will add your link on my blog,please keep posting, I love your paintings :)


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