Monday, May 01, 2006

John Prescott

John Prescott or Prezza as he has been called by the tabloids.

I did this three years ago. I can't remember why, exactly, but it must have been at a time when his arrogance really started to annoy me. As you can see from the picture, I put him in an ermine gown because I just deplored the idea of this buffoon ever becoming a lord. It was a perfect case of "Pull the ladder up Jack, I'm alright. Please use this picture freely if you wish. If you want a larger version, email me.


  1. Great painting, love the use of color on his face!

  2. My goodness John, what a flash of passion in the commentary! I'm unaware of Prescott's abberations but he can't be worse than Lord Black of Coal Harbour or wherever, our Canadian contribution to your house of sober second thought...Nice painting and tight composition, it would look great above an up-close article on the guy.

  3. Great portrait and colour, and BRAVO for the feelings !!!

  4. Hello Jonh ;)
    I LOVE IT, GREAT PORTRAIT,the way you use the colours is great, very creative :). I will love to see more :)

  5. Hi John,
    Okay I just love this portrait of this guy Prezzo. Although I dont know his notoriety, it's easy to see how you felt about the guy while doing it....
    Love your bold use of colour and expressive line.

  6. What a fantastic art blog and what terrific paintings, John. I am so glad you came past my own meagre blog. And I can see why you like kingfishers. I'll be back!

  7. I've been painting like mad for a couble of days and have 6 acrylics on the go so I thought a timely break might be to surf awhile and ended up here. Nice treatment of Prezza more of a caricature than a portrait though there's nothing wrong with that approach. Perhaps after recent events you should make the whole of his face red!

    You've let yourself down though with your comment, its not a good thing to indulge in online abuse and sadly it's very common in blogs.

    The Saatchi Gallery paintings are very nice and larger than the things I've seen you show on the web. Good luck with them they are far more interesting than your traditional watercolours.

  8. Robert. Point taken and have edited content. My thoughts were very very mild in comparison to some that I've seen on the web though. He still makes my blood boil.

  9. The blog reads better now John - though the original was mild compared to some of the offensive swearing that you see on blogs these days.

    I like the 'two finger' Prescott trademark in your image - makes it into a telling piece of political caricature which encapsulates his character better than any words you might add.


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