Thursday, June 29, 2006

Early Work

Just recently I have been putting some of my old paintings onto my website. I have a section called Early Watercolours where I put paintings that have recently been sold, along with some of the old work that I have become quite attached to, and still proud of. Please feel free to visit and take a look at the old stuff. It's great to see how my work has changed over the years. In some cases, it still looks as though I'm throwing everything in except the kitchen sink. I'm still trying to get away from being too detailed and fussy, but I guess that that is part of me and I'll never totally change in that respect.

A typical example is the painting above of a Balinese Dance that I painted in 1991. It looks so detailed now when I look at it. It was 11 x 15 inches. It was part of a tryptich which (when I last saw it) was in direct line of site of anyone sitting in the dentists chair of a well known London dentist. I hope I made the more nervous patients visit to see the dentist a little more pleasant.

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  1. I enjoyed this look back at your work. It's good for all of us to look back and see what we have discarded or retained in our current work. Comparing this Bali piece with your recent 'Cycling' piece, you have kept the sense of color and added a quality of "in the moment". I like that.


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