Sunday, July 30, 2006

Revolutionary New Watercolour Tool.

The tools we use today for watercolour art are very much the same as those used by the great watercolour masters of the past.
Were you aware that a revolutionary new watercolour tool was now available, which will extend the range of possibilities of watercolour and help you to do things which up until now would have been considered impossible? Gradated spheres, complex shape gradations, and airbrush type colour blends, just to name a few.

Pictured here are two early prototypes that I made for demonstration purposes. I have called the device a Watercolour Charger.

The good news is that this has been invented and designed by an artist for artists. I know we are all hard-up, so I have designed a version which you can make for yourself with just a few items that you can buy cheaply from your local high street for under three pounds. It is a really weird 'off the wall' little device which I know you'll love to use and experiment with. You will only need basic crafting skills and a spare hour or so to make one.

Here is a picture of the Watercolour Charger which I supply full instructions for you to make for yourself. You'll find it very easy to make.

You'll find all the information you need to make this device which I have termed a "Watercolour Charger" and even a tutorial showing how to use it to create certain effects on a special website I have created for you here

It's all totally FREE and what'smore it can be used with gouache and acrylic too.

This is a totally new device which works on proven scientific principles. There has never been anything like it in existence before and with your artistic skills we could revolutionise watercolour art in the 21st Century.

I have demonstrated this device to one of Britains most highly regarded master watercolour artists who was most interested in how it worked and what it would enable the artist to do. Had it not been for the fact that he was now in his eighties, was quite happy with his current armoury of techniques, and only painted 'on-site' he would certainly like to have tried using one.

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