Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Change of Direction (or is it Artistic Progress?).

I've had to turn my back on my abstract and surreal art. It may just be that the world isn't ready for it yet and I'm ahead of my time or, it just wasn't any good. I don't know which but I must admit to finding it very difficult to do. I don't think people realise how hard it is to invent an imaginative scene and capture it on paper. I used to mull ideas over for months before actually comitting it to paper in paint.

It has been good to get back to my landscape painting again. The skill level still needs to be high but you don't have to invent everything in the picture. I can use the same basic elements over and over and just change their relative positions. Thats when I create the scenes in my imagination, but painting plein aire which is the direction I am heading towards will be a bit different.

I have been collecting reference material for my next little project which will be, "Hidden and Intimate landscapes in and around Enfield and Edmonton. Since I have been cycling, I have been amazed at all the little discoveries I've made on my doorstep and very close by. I want other people to see them. I want to get them out of their cars and on to bikes. Some hope.

Here are a couple of little 7 x 5 inch paintings that I did today to keep my hand and eye in. I'd swear that I'm going back in time to be either Constable or Turner. Please God make it Turner. Whoops!Almost forgot. What God? Remember Tsunami, Iraq, Lebanon etc. etc.


  1. Love very much your latest watercolours!!! really beautiful!!

  2. I'm really impressed and can't wait to see once you're warmed up!

  3. perhaps you could still make your work for you??? I love abstration too. Just not my cuppa right now. Can you do both?


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