Thursday, August 03, 2006

My paintings today II August 3rd

Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. I am going there for my masters degree in computer science at upenn...i just posted that... how did u find out about my blog..i am reaaly curious

  2. I like these paintings very much! Their simplicity is very pleasing.

  3. Methinks they look a little empty. Like they're backdrops for a cartoon film or opera set designs. You need staffage. At least, that's my comment...

  4. Understand your thoughts Jack but I like empty and solitude. Who'd want to find a little piece of heaven buzzing with "Staffage"?

    Now, maybe the odd bird? I'll certainly consider your thoughts as I continue with my next paintings. As they say,"learning all the time".

    Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.

  5. Yeah, I don't like being critical, but the thoughts come up, just as the positive ones do.

    The paintings are very accomplished. They really reminded me of cartoon backgrounds (and that's not a dis. Rent "Lilo and Stitch" some time!)

    Had a friend, though, who sold a producer on him doing watercolour backgrounds for her cartoon, rather than the airburshed look she had wanted. He did some beautiful long scroll-like paintings. But the problem was, after they were stretched, and the paper shrunken slightly, they didn't line up with the layout drawings!

    So all the characters (some of whom have to walk through doors and things) were slightly off-register, and the work had to be redone (doing it on board rather than paper would have been the solution).

  6. Hi John, you're getting lots done, looks great, love your abstracts but also have great effection for these natural landscapes. I like their emptiness too...partly because I never put any staffage in my own stuff and maybe also because I've painted animation bgs for years which are empty stages, and got used to it. It looks like the paint has gone on the paper nicely too, very fresh, a prerequisite for a good painting! Best, C.


  8. HI john,
    I'm from Portugal and please forgive me for my bad english.
    I agree with Jack Ruttan and These watercolours seem to be sprayed out or so and lost that kind of vivacity your water colours normally have.
    I prefer 'Squall in Trent Park 7 x 5'. That is alive and says waht is needed to be said about. marvellous!
    Another thing: I'm been reading what you say here and there, in chat rooms, and I think You're right: Most of the conversation is crap. Not serious art conversation. It hasn't be so serious, but that are chats about art! And most of the time there is no talk about art at all!
    Keep on the good work and congratulations!

  9. Thanks for the input everyone, it is much appreciated.

    Xavier, I thought I'd reciprocate with a visit to your site but it was in Portugese which of course I don't understand. Thanks for your kind words though.

  10. I wouldn't say "sprayed out." At least that's not what I meant when I was mentioning airbrushing, which was to do with a totally different topic.

    John's is obviously a particular style: a bit more formal and tighter than some (I like splashing paint around and hoping for "happy accidents," but I get a lot of duds along the way.)

    You've got to paint the way you like, and not try to please everyone. I hate it when one style becomes the rage, and you're expected to paint that way, "or else."

    Reminded of an artist I knew who did very beautiful, precise botanical renderings. He signed up for a course to improve his technique, but the instructor was from the splashy drippy school. In an opening class critique, he pilloried my friend's pictures as "uptight and anal." Obviously, there wasn't a problem with my friend or his art, he just had to find a more suitable class!


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