Monday, August 14, 2006

Rain, Rain, go away. Little Johnny wants to play.

Marvelous. We're in the middle of the longest drought for a hundred years. Had brilliant sunshine and the hotest June since time began and the one day I wanted to paint outside live in front of potential customers, the heavens open. Would you believe it?

So my foray into live painting has been put on hold now and I wasn't able to sell any of my work at the weekend. I'm looking for an opportunity to sell my work so if any of you good people have any ideas or have any influence, now's the time to let me know. Desperation is beginning to set in.

I'll be doing some cold calling myself tomorrow. As I'm painting mostly "Intimate Lanscapes" at the moment, I'll be contacting some of the larger garden centres near where I live. Most of them sell gifts and the like so a little bit of art may just fit in nicely. Especially since it is mainly trees and plantlife etc. An original framed watercolour painting for the price of a print has to be an attractive proposition. Hasn't it?

Here is my work for today. Only three so far but it's still early yet.


  1. Hello John, yes many moons ago I left England.

    REALLY LOVE,LOVE YOUR WATERCOLOURS, I like the top one :).

  2. I think on September I will take some extra activity relate to art, uhmm Im thinking painting,I not sure yet!! I hope to post on my blog my progress.Please keep posting.

  3. Great work John! Pared down to the essentials, but still with the 'feel' of place and time. (My abstractions could be the trunks of your trees in extreme closeup.)

    Also, your attitude about sales is inspiring. Maybe I'll make some calls of my own today. Been a long 'dry' summer here ,too. Cheers.

    Michael Cross


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