Friday, September 15, 2006

Painting in Whitewebbs.

I'm pleased to present two more watercolour paintings that I painted today. Once again they are part of my "Intimate Landscape" series and they feature views that are deep in the forest at Whitewebbs in Enfield. I need to get back there as soon as I can before the Autumn sets in properly and strips the trees of their leaves.

Whitewebbs, Enfield.

Whitewebbs, Enfield. 7 x 5 inches Watercolour.

Whitewebbs Walk, Enfield.

Whitewebbs Walk, Enfield. 7 x 5 inches Watercolour.

My watercolours are selling very well on eBay. There are some very discerning art collectors there who know their art and I'm pleased to say they have shown interest in my auction listings. My prices are very reasonable and I like to think I am able to make real art available to collectors and those people who haven't had an original piece of art before. I'm very pleased to do that.

If you want to see my current auction listings, click here.

I have been monitoring some of the work in the Self Representing Artists and I am sad to say that there are some people who do try to take advantage of those who are new to buying art.

There is one person who just prints photographs onto textured paper, blurs the edges with some sort of image editing tool, and tries to pass it off as an original watercolour. What a rotten thing to do? I wish I could name him or at least give you his eBay identity, but it would only get me into trouble to do it publicly. If you are looking for art on eBay, please be careful and do try to find an artist who at least has a website you can go to so you can see what they have painted in the past and see their art background. People who offer art which is almost photographically perfect and don't have a trail that you can follow to identify them are probably carrying out a scam. Please be wary and good picture hunting.


  1. If you reported this person for misrepresenting his work, wouldn't ebay cancel his subscription? I know they don't want people who copy other people's work.

    Such a shame because painting is a lot of hard work and one has to do it a long time to do it well.

  2. I agree Joyce. I don't know what I'm going to do yet. eBay can spin things out and make things so awkward. I'm going to try and formulate a cunning plan to stop him. Good to hear from you again.

  3. I found your blog link through Wet Canvas! I have been busy lately and do not seem to get to Wet Canvas! as much as I use to. I wanted to comment on your painting and let you know how nice they are. Thanks for posting them.

  4. Thanks Nancy, it was very kind of you to drop by make such nice comments. Thank you.

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  6. Beautiful paintings!! you are amazing artist with watercolours I hope you got my email :)..Take care

  7. virginiajoe, No I didn't get your email. Please send again.


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