Thursday, September 21, 2006

Recent Work.

If you want to see my current eBay auction listings for my traditional watercolour paintings, click here. I am delighted to say that they are selling very well and generating a lot of interest amongst the buyers. The hit rates are very high, much higher than I experienced with contemporary watercolours, and there is normally a bidding war at the end of the auction to win the painting. I have kept my starting prices very low which gives first-time art buyers a good chance of of being able to own an original piece of watercolour art for less than they would pay for a print. It's great to think I may be encouraging someone to become interested in the world of art. They will find a whole new exciting world will open up for them as they embark upon the creation of their own personal collection.

Here are some new paintings that I finished just recently. Hopefully blogger will allow me to upload them without any problems. I've had nothing but problems recently with blogger and my email provider. These problems eat into my time and it's time that I would rather use for painting. Let's hope I can get these on so that they are displayed at the same time that they are on eBay.

They are from my "Intimate Landscape" series and in the 7 x 5 inch watercolour format.

Whitewebbs Morning, Enfield.

Deep Woodland, Hilly Fields, Enfield.

Misty Track, Hilly Fields, Enfield.

Lakeland Sunrise

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