Sunday, September 03, 2006

Things are looking up.

I was out with some old childhood friends on Friday evening. When we were youngsters we were all in the same 'gang, although the 'gang' didn't really have a name, I suppose a brotherhood would have been a better description. We'd all look out for one another and share life experiences as we were growing up. I hadn't seen Chris Chapman for at least twenty years. He's a London black cab driver who works here for a few months and then lives it up at his home in Thailand. Steve Chapman was here visiting from his home in Australia. I saw him two years ago when he was here last.

It was one of the best times of my life. I had a brilliant set of mates. We were young, we had our health, we were optomistic and had a whole world of haunted houses, mysterious forests, places to discover, and of course there were girls to conquer, all around us.

Anyway, we would get on our bikes and go to the places that I have been painting recently in some of my 'Intimate Landscape' series of paintings. I took a selection of my paintings with me with the intention of just jogging a few memories. I was amazed at the response I got. They got handed round in the pub we were in, and I could have sold at least twelve. Therer was a problem in that I had already put some of them on Ebay to auction and I wasn't quite sure which ones they were. However, I've promised to put them all on my website at some stage and if they had'nt been sold I'd let them have them or paint another version just for them.

So, Thanks must go out to my friends, Malcolm Philpott, Paul DeFelice, Chris Chapman, Steve Chapman and his wife Maggie and daughter Claire. We had a terrific night of nostalgia. We all went to school in Enfield together and were part of a special brotherhood along with at least another ten people some of whom were; Martin Venamore, Peter Beard, Kerry Trubee and John Carpenter. What a wild bunch.

Anyhow, I have had a good week with my art. My Ebay venture has started off very well and I'm encouraged by the response I've had so far. Thank you to all the Ebayers who have sent me their best wishes and appreciation of my paintings. It was good to get encouraging comments come through. I've also had some interest in my contemporary art and pleased to say that I have sold two paintings from my site this week. So, so far, so good, I can feel a good productive spell coming on. Fingers crossed.

Here is the first picture that I painted in September this year. It is a 7 x 5 watercolour named "Sunrise over Jacks Lake. Hadley Wood".


  1. Hello John Im very glad you ebay sales are going in the good way. I must to said I sold art on ebay too, my dolls,and they sell very well with prices for me was a really beautiful surprise!! at the begin is a little hard,but with time you will have a lot of ebayer buying your paintings :). I wish good luck with your ebay and dont worry if you sometimes sell with a low prices,you will see they will sell very high and you will have a lot of clients!!Beautiful updates!!!

  2. Oh! Virginiajoe, thankyou so much for your encouraging comments. I keep my fingers crossed that things will go well. Good Luck to you and your work. Thanks.

  3. Thank John and I know you will doing great, dont forget the tittle on the item is very important, you should use easy words to find your paintings,ebay is HUGE!!


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