Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Re-Discovering Forty Hall.

I've had a couple of excellent trips to a place called Forty Hall which is very close to me in Enfield, adjacent and connected to Whitewebbs.

Forty Hall is a large old house that has an interesting history but it was the grounds and the forest that interested me. On both my visits I was blessed with warm sunny weather and I couldn't have seen the surroundings in a better light. The sun was low and cast wonderful long shadows which made photography so much easier.

I found a group of lakes that I had forgotten about. They were covered in a light mist and I've got to work out how I can capture this scene in watercolour. I took lots of photographs and hope to paint some of them soon. Hopefully, the photographs will keep me busy through the winter if the weather is too bad for me to venture out on my bike.

My work is selling well on eBay. I have a brilliant set of people collecting my work; they are all so very friendly and a delight to deal with. I'd like to thank them all for their support so far. It is very much appreciated. It's hard creating artwork at such regular intervals and really taxes the creative imagination but hopefully, the more I do it, the easier it will become.

Here is a little painting that I did based on my Forty Hall visit. It is a view of the New River (The Old Course). It was a delightful little scene that I found when the Mile and a Quarter Lane that I was travelling along crossed this tiny stream with such lush vegetation on either bank. I could almost hear the pterodactyls and dinosaurs in the distance. It is a completely natural area untouched by man. (For now).


  1. First of all, I'm now a new and huge fan!! Your work is so lovely and exciting.

    Second, you are sharing this really, really interesting technique with the www! Many many thanks to you! I appreciate your generosity and I'll be collecting my tools and supplies for my own discharger.

  2. Hello John

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    Yesterday I saw my old blog was hacked I try to fix this with blogger, but now I created a new one,because the old one is a porno!!! very sad.....

  3. Hello John thank you I hope so I recover the old blog bbut for security is only a blog links I will update my blog now with the links.Take care I hope is everything is working out for you.Take care!!!

  4. hi, thanks for sharing your works, i do appreciate them so much... 'hope to see more of your works soon.

    alfred galura



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