Monday, November 27, 2006

Mile and a Quarter Lane. Enfield.

Here's another little atmospheric watercolour for your pleasure.

Mile and a Quarter Lane. Enfield. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches,

I may be unable to post here for a few weeks. There are some things going on in the background which may mean my attention will be required elsewhere. I'll try and keep my eBay and Blog presence up if I can but I'm afraid that some of the work that I do will be subject to strict copyright rules and I won't be able to show you what I'm doing. I am excited by it all but it's early days yet and things could just go belly up. I may be out of circulation until the New Year but I'll be thinking of all sorts of new paintings that I'll be doing before too long.

However, you can be sure that I'll be posting my watercolours here as usual, just as soon as I can and whenever I get the chance.

Just as a side issue and for my watercolour painting colleagues; I've been trying out some Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold II brushes. They are a sable/synthetic blend and I have found them to be very good so far. The size 16 is huge. I'd say it is comparable in size to a ProArte size 20. I found them to have a good water carrying capacity, good snap and they point well.

As I tend to get through brushes quite quickly, I find I need the synthetic element for it's hardwearing quality. I also want the capacity and point of a sable. So far, I'm impressed, they appear to be good value for money. I'll let you know how they behave as I get to use them over a longer period of time.


  1. Congratulations on your new project! Will be looking forward to hearing about its progress.

  2. Love the pallette you're using on all these dreamy forestscapes. Good luck with whatever is shaking!

  3. I was looking your personal email, but is not visible!! I wish a beautiful and great Christmas John that all your dreams came true and see you in 2007.Take care

    Santi and Virgi

  4. sounds like an interesting thing cooking...good luck with it.

  5. 'appy new year John and I hope you had a good holiday. My word verification for this comment was 'unbad', which must be good.

  6. John, thanks for visiting my site when Clive set it up. I'm just getting the drift of this blog thing, but am having fun and am glad Clive set it up. I am Daily Painter now and that should prove interesting. Happy New Year!

  7. Get a good contract if it's prints (if it's anything, actually!). I could tell you some stories (heard second-hand) which could curl your hair (if it's not curly already).

    Actually most of them are about American contracts for artists to produce prints, with horrible, stupid stipulations (artist has to pay a share of materials and printing, and only gets paid if a certain number are sold), and the much nicer British contract (artist gets a fair percentage of each print, only has to fly over to Britain for some weeks to sign proofs, expenses paid, of course.)

    Good luck with it, whatever.


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