Thursday, January 18, 2007

Temporary Break in Service.

My Dear Mum has been taken gravely ill. I may not have the honour and pleasure of her company for very much longer. God Bless you Mum. I painted a little picture for her bedside . She was so proud of my artwork. If this can help her mind to escape from her circumstances for even just a short while then I'll be happy. It's painted with all my love and tears.

Pathway Through the Forest. 2007.

To my eBay collectors. Please forgive any break in service or the inability to respond as quicky as usual. Normal service will resume when circumstances allow.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Mum. The painting is lovely. I hope you will find your creativity is an outlet for your love and grief. Blessings!

  2. Sorry to hear that John. It doesn't sound very good, but I hope she recovers.

  3. I so sorry John :(, I hope she recover!! I dont know what to said :( !

  4. Best of everything for you two, and you've got my prayers.

  5. hi
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  6. I hope this wonderful watercolorist feel much better :) and I hope everything work out!!

  7. Thanks for your kind comments and concern. My Mum and Dad live in Cornwall which is about six hours drive away so when I go and see them I need to go for a few days. My Dad became blind a few years ago (hence my need to paint, it runs in the family and I don't know whether I will be affected yet). He has become ill with other problems though and has gone into a care home. This leaves my Mum alone who has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has been exceptionally brave and philosophical about it all but she worries about my Dad and wants to make sure that he's OK. It's a sad business. All I can do is support her as much as I can and go to Cornwall now and again to try to keep her spirits up. I have been very lucky up until now. I haven't been touched by a very close bereavement before so it's all new to me and just leaves me feeling rather raw, sad and confused. Thans again for your kind thoughts it was very kind of you to take the time. John.

  8. John:
    I'm saddened by your mother's illness. I hope that knowing a lot of us are thinking about you will give you strength. It is never easy losing a parent no matter what their age.


  9. John, I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and am so sorry to hear of your troubles.
    I hope that you find comfort in the fact that others are thinking of you and wish you all the best.



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