Monday, February 26, 2007

Painting Again

I'm pleased to say I'm painting again and listing my work on eBay. Mum's health is stable at the moment but she is up and down and I may need to shoot down to Cornwall at a moments notice so excuse me if I can't update the blog as often as I would like.

Anyway, here is a nice little painting from the weekend. I think it turned out quite well. The raw sienna in the background gives it a very warm rich appearance.

River with Rocks and Boulders. 2007.

Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. Love painting, John. You get an impressive amount of detail into these small paintings. You mother sounds better than she was. That must be a relief.

  2. John:
    I really like the stones in the painting. Their texture and detail add a great dimension to the overall composition.

    I'm glad to hear your mother is better.


  3. Beautiful John,truly beautiful Glad your mom is well :) Im very happy for that ;)!!


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