Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back and Forth to Cornwall.

Just a quick note to all the people who very kindly come to see whether anything new has been posted here on my blog lately.

As you may already know, my Mum has been taken ill and it will probably be the last illness she will have to suffer. I have been going down to Cornwall for periods of time to care for her and give her as much support as I can. She has been a total inspiration during this very distressing time. Mum's acceptance of her situation and concern for others leaves me speechless. She has set an example which will be impossible to follow.

This has meant I have been unable to keep my blog as active as I would like. However, during my time in Cornwall, I have been able to sneak out and do a little sketching and photography. Here is a little 7 x 5 inch watercolour of the beach at Church Cove on the Lizard Peninsular which I have painted from a photo.

I haven't been able to do a great deal of painting lately. I've tried but it has been difficult. As you may be aware, painting is a largely cerebral activity and I just haven't been able to muster the concentration or motivation lately. Hopefully, this will improve in time.

I know a lot of my eBay collectors check my blog from time to time. Please be assured that I will of course post work for auction whenever I can but I can't be more specific than that at the moment. Thank you for standing by me through this unhappy period. Your support has been very much appreciated.


  1. Its a beautful painting , and the previous ones esp the path thru the forest is almost haunting .... Am sure ull get ur concentration when ur ready ..i have been thru a similar period when i couldnt concentrate enough to paint ...i know its scarey but ull get thru it and get ur joy back ...

  2. What a lovely painting.

    I'm sorry to read that your mom is suffering. She is lucky to have a son who is there to take care of her while she is sick.

  3. I so sorry John :(,please stay with her,sincerely I dont know what to said.. give to her all the love you can,

    Beautiful painting


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