Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is the area where I live. Edmonton, North London.

I live in Edmonton, North London. It has recently undergone a major building makeover. It will be finished soon as they are just tweeking it here and there to bring it to a conclusion.

Here is the new Edmonton Green Bus Station. Look at that blue sky. You could be forgiven for thinking that I lived in Spain but honestly, this is good old England.

This is the new entrance to the famous Edmonton Green covered Market Square. If you are ever in the area, come and check out the multicultural market. It's a real assault on your senses by way of colours, aromas and the excited buzz of market life.

This is the view looking along Fore Street towards Silver Street and Tottenham. The buildings on the left house a sports and swimming pool complex and apartments for key workers.


  1. I love your new work from down in the east country. Hope you're well.

  2. Ah! Methinks you must mean the West Country Clive. Thanks. I do feel they have a certain loose quality which is something I've been trying to attain for some time now.

    It's good to hear from you again. It's been a while. I expect you've been doing one of your movie things. I'll drop into your blog soon and see what you've been up to. All the very best.

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