Saturday, May 12, 2007

West Country Watercolour Landscape Studies.

I'll be going down to Cornwall again soon. I don't like the drive down there but I must admit that some of the landscapes that I see are most inspirational. I try not to stop too many times to take photos but it is very hard to resist when the angle of the sun, the sky and view are just right.

Here are a few little paintings that I have done from my jouneys down there. I hope to do some more on this visit. I'll be taking my painting kit with me this time.

These are all 7 x 5 inch watercolours.

Devon Countryside.

Cornish Valley.

View from the A30, Cornwall.


  1. I enjoyed the colors, the sky and fields. Wow!

  2. John:
    The blur of the sky is terrific!

  3. These paintings are wonderfully free-flowing and lovely to see!


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