Friday, November 30, 2007

Watching Paint Dry.

I spend quite a lot of time watching paint dry. It is important to watch paint dry with watercolour painting because you need to judge the moisture content of the paper and the surface sheen, to ensure that your next brushstrokes do what you intend for them.

Also, it is a time for contemplation, meditation and planning. Watercolour painting is a very cerebral activity.

Since January, I have been watching paint dry whilst learning to play the Ten Hole Diatonic Blues Harmonica. I used to play one when I was in my teens but I ran across one for sale just recently and thought I may take it up again. I am now the proud owner of a Bushman Delta Frost Diatonic in the key of C and it is one beautiful instrument to play. There's nothing like putting the brush down and running up and down the blues scales or playing some real down and dirty blues riffs in between washes.

I just can't wait for the spring when I can go and paint near one of my favourite babbling brooks and whip out my Bushman and break the silence of the bright sunny morning with a Wah-wah-wah kayoogah wah-wah-wee. Not too long now. What a life eh?

Anyway here is a little more work that I did in between harmonica sessions.

Lakeside Birches.

Forest Pathway.

Woodland Stream.

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