Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008. New Year. New Start.

Well, I made it through 2007 O.K. It wasn't a good year from a family perspective because I lost my Mum. But as this is an art blog I need to look at things from an artists viewpoint.

I had to take a lot of time out last year and that had an affect on my art. I can't just stop and pick up where I left off. When I get going, I need to keep on going and developing along the way. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that this year.

Watercolour art is a strange occupation from time to time, where things just don't work out for some obscure reason. I think it can be a bit like golf where your game goes off and you need sports psychologists and golf pros to examine your swing and put you back on track.

A typical setback I had recently was with my art materials. I only use the best artist quality paints Winsor and Newton. But for some inexplicable reason, the new tube of Raw Sienna I started to use became frothy once it was diluted with water. This really caused problems because I nearly always lay a graduated wash of raw sienna on my paper when I start painting. It imparts a warm glow in the background.

Apart from the paint settling with bubbles which bacame dark patches, the frothiness would get reactived when I overpainted with any other colour. I have sent a stiff letter to Winsor and Newton about this. I had been in contact with them before about this same problem but I thought they had cured it. I am looking forward to an explanation. I could do without these sorts of problems. Watercolour can be challenging enough without struggling with materials as well. Thinks. How the hell did the likes of Turner get on with the inferior materials of his time? and just imagine what he would be able to do with todays top quality brushes and paints.

Anyway, I found some old non-frothy raw sienna and knocked these two paintings out last night while you were probably out boozing and shmoozing. I am dedicated to my art and this is what I have to do when things are going reasonably well.

Forest Path.

Forest Stream.

As far as the Blues Harmonica playing is going, I'd recommend it to anyone. I've recently bought a Suzuki Bluesmaster Harmonica. Along with my Bushman Delta Frost I now have two beautiful instruments that I thoroughly enjoy playing. I'm getting along quite well and have learnt a lot of blues riffs which I am gradually stringing together to create bluesy tunes. Anyway. Speak later. Wah-wah-Kayoogah.

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  1. Lovely peices and good to see you back and back at it. All the best for 0-8


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