Thursday, February 14, 2008

I am so very, very lucky.

Today I collected my new bike. It's nothing special but it's brand new and built for longer distances than my present one. I can at least be confident that it won't let me down because all the components are new and unworn. I will be fitting panniers to carry my watercolour sketching equipment and then I'll be set for the Spring. I need to get out and about after a long winter and paint some more local scenes which I know my collectors love. Yippee! Not long now.

Over the winter, I've been painting from images that I photographed last year but it doesn't compare at all to the work that I can do on the spot. There is nothing I can think of that could be better than setting up in a wooded area next to a stream or lake with the sun lighting the scene and providing the warmth for an extended painting session. I'll start the day with a hearty breakfast of porrage (yum yum) and take cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches, crisps and a flask of coffee for lunch. I'll may take a banana for my desert too, but I'm not sure yet.

I'll certainly be taking my harmonica so that I can belt out a few tunes whilst letting the paint dry. It will be lovely to play Greensleeves and Strawberry Fair in a typical English countryside setting. Lovely for me that is, but probably really annoying for anyone else within earshot. Oh! I may also take a new acquisition, a high powered catapult. I don't intend shooting anything. Promise. I just got it for target shooting. I used to make them from "Y" shaped tree branches when I was a kid but now I'm grown up (you really wouldn't think so would you?) I can afford a metal framed one with super latex rubber. (Thinks, must get some ammo).

That's the reason why I am so very, very lucky. My needs are small and my pleasures are simple. I get my satisfaction by creating art which is something that I absolutely love doing and I sleep well after a days toil. I have found contentment and peace which I know is in such short measure in the world today.

I can't help feeling sorry for those billionaires with their business worries on how to keep all the money they've made, and spending hours on private jets with people thay don't like and listening to the drivel from their wives about their latest breast implant and lip fattening procedure. Oh! what a waste of a life. I feel so lucky compared with them but the people I do feel really sorry for are those poor people in Chad, Darfur and other parts of Africa where they have absolutely nothing but hunger, disease, war and strife. I really don't know why missionaries had to go and interfere with their simple but enjoyable lives years ago. I am so very well off in comparison. That's why I feel so very, very lucky. I am very, very lucky. A lot of people are, but they are too busy chasing the dollar to realise just how very lucky they really are.

Here is a little watercolour which I hope portrays the fact that with just a few steps we can walk out of the dark and into the light. Halleluiah! Ding! Ding! Stand aside and let the bike through. Yeehaa!

Ancient Forest Pathway. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. I miss the English countryside, your planned outings sound lovely.

  2. Yes, we're lucky buggers not to be cooped up in private jets with our wives fake breast tissue and millions and billions of dollars of the ready. But if you find yourself in that predictiment, chin up, you can always bail out. Good one, John, and nice landscape piece. The abstracts are marvelous below as well.

  3. I've been browsing your website and your watercolour work is stunning! Such love and skill.

    Your blog makes me yearn to pick up my neglected Lee Oskar diatonic sometime ... I learnt to play a tiny bit about 6 years ago so as not to feel left out when guitar-playing friends were jamming, but it's been ages since I had a warble.


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