Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gathering Inspiration.

Tomorrow Sunday 13th April, I will be making my first cycle ride of the year along the River Lee Towpath into the Kings Cross area of London. I'll be riding with the Edmonton Cycle Club and will be taking photos of the river and local views along the way. I'm looking forward to this and I hope it will be the first of many rides this year. I'll also be taking my new harmonica pictured here.

It's a top of the range Suzuki ProMaster 10 hole Diatonic. As you may have read earlier, I started to learn to play the harmonica when I was down in Cornwall last year. It's ideal to pick up and toot on while I'm waiting for paint to dry. It's a beautiful little instrument and has a very loud bright tone for its size.

I'll have to learn to post sound files on here for you. I know you'd like that. Wouldn't you? Anyway, Inspiration Gathering tomorrow and hopefully the start of a productive Spring for me with my artwork.


  1. John:
    I for one would like to hear some harmonica playing and look forward to your posting of sound files.

    I'm starting slack key guitar lessons the end of this month and accompanying paint drying sounds like a great idea.



  2. Love your art!! Would you be willing to make and forward a watercolor brush charger like yours? If the price is right I'd be interested.

    I'm also interested in your sound files when they are available.

  3. hi john

    thanks so much for your kind words on my blog! i spent some time looking at your blog, the charger, AND your website... fantastic! you are gifted and have execeptional work. wonderful to see.
    you are very accomplished.. and it seems like you are highly respected in watercolor.

    thanks again for your comments.. i hope you come and visit the blog and site again.

    happy painting!

  4. Hi,

    Although not much played, the harmonica is played really well buy some small portuguese groups, namely families.
    Portugal had some players winning world prizes, if memory does not fail me.
    However nowadays descendents many times fail to follow the family traditions.
    I'll take the chance to congratulate you on your great artworks.

    Kind regards,



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