Monday, October 27, 2008


Well it's been quite a ride transferring to a new computer setup. Apart from the obvious changes to my system (which I still have an awful lot to learn about) I have had to buy new software because a lot of what I had been using would not be compatible with Vista.

The new graphics software has really developed since my last installation about eight years ago. It has become so complex with so many options available that it's going to take a while to familiarise myself with it. I'm certain that a lot of the new capabilities will not be needed and first thoughts are that it has been over-engineered for no real reason but to satisfy the progammers ego.

Yesterday, it took nearly all day just to work out how to calibrate my new LCD monitor. Ye Gods, and I am technically quite advanced so how the man in the street is expected to manage, well I don't know. I need a good monitor for my graphics work and took a long time deciding on the options. I have seen some really diabolical LCD setups that it does concern me that some people will never be able to see my art on a decent screen with good contrast and clarity. The screens in my library for instance are very poor indeed for any graphics. Apart from the blur and poor colour they are not setup to give the correct aspect ratios which is very bad. The annoying thing is I couldn't correct them without the authorisation permissions. Never mind.

My new printer/copier/scanner has so many options for scanning, I'm totally lost at the moment. But I'll get there eventually. I'll even try to fix the banner at the top of this page soon. So much to do before I can start painting in earnest again. But hey! things move on and it does keep the old grey cells exercised and it does make the heart pump faster from time to time.

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