Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seasonal Confusion.

Although the winter months can be quite picturesque, my main source of inspiration is from the summer months. You'll notice from these paintings I am swinging through the seasons. It's quite pleasurable to be able to paint a warm humid scene when there is snow and sleet splattering my studio window. The winter scenes demand a cold clear precision to convey crispness and light. I don't know what tomorrow will bring in terms of painting output. I just don't know from day to day what I will end up with. Hopefully it will be a nice surprise for me and for you.

Dead Branch in Brook. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.

Four Birches and Snow. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. Hello Sir Artist who makes water look like glass and likes shadows on the snow,

    We have been watching you. We are artist also. At least that's what they call us. You may even know us. We'd like to invite you to a member of our very Private Club. We're very selective and only an elite few are welcome on our hallowed grounds. We pick you.

    We even have a little 'chit chat' room just for the likes of you. It's rightfully called Dante's Pub. But when your enter BEWARE! You are entering the abyss of the artist mind! You may not find your way out.

    You're welcome to watch from afar while drinking your brew or pull up a chair and join us for a little chat. Be sure and register and then log in. After all, this is a very private club. We don't allow just any wanderer in our midst.

    Don't dilly dally now! It wont cost you a pence. Check out The Artist Challenge and Dante's Pub- that is if your daring and think yourself worthy to be amongst the souls we've claimed?

    Farewell...until we hear from you,
    Master Mike and the Pub Wench

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  2. Hello
    Wonderful dreamy your work.thanks for visiting my blog..let us be in touch

  3. Whoa!! Is it just me or is the detail level in your paintings increasing? I had to check the size twice on the Dead Branch painting. Oh, I lament!!! you remind me that I haven't finished a painting this year yet!

  4. I spent fifteen minutes in answer to these comments, especially about detail-madness but blogger mis-behaved and lost my comment. I'll try again later. Phew!

  5. Hello John!

    Thanks for coming by my blog today. These little pieces you have on this site are delightful! You sure do know how to paint trees!


  6. Hi John
    my first visit here..this painting is really good..handling watercolors so delicately is an art, really!Hats off!


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