Saturday, April 18, 2009

Leaving the comfort zone. II

I'm enjoying this diversion but boy do these take a long time to do and I can feel I'm starting to tighten up again. I must keep my paintings loose. I must keep my paintings loose.

Turkey Brook. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches,


  1. I like that you've left your comfort zone. That's always a good thing, and it shows in your painting. Not that your other ones aren't beautiful, but it's good to see some variety and a different style. These may take you a little longer, but that's okay isn't it:) I also enjoy some of your "older" paintings on this blog as well as on your website, John.

  2. It's fun to step out and explore - who knows what may be around the corner? I'm liking these new paintings.


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