Friday, April 17, 2009

Leaving the comfort zone.

I must get out of my comfort zone and do more of this type of painting. Personally I like this sort of painting but for some peculiar reason the buying public are a little hesitant and sceptical about modern art. As long as I am not too outlandish, and as long as there are elements in the painting they can identify with I may be able to tempt them. This is my third painting today. I'm on a roll. YeeHaa!

Path to the Cemetery. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. I really like the abstracted aspects of this one!

  2. This is fantastic - kinda reminds me of Halloween.
    I love to see something different from you!

  3. This is an exciting landscape with a "cutout" aspect that is very intriguing. I like what you are doing.

  4. Oh Thank you so much Rhonda, Angela and Joyce. I felt I was getting a bit bogged down with my normal stuff and I thought I would get complacent if I didn't experiment a little more. Thank you for your encouragement, it has certainly spurred me on.

  5. You're spot on with this one John. I thought cemetary before I read the title. Oddly I thought that for cuckoo cuckoo too so maybe it is just my morbid sensibilites! I know what you mean about the buying public but I think that means "average tastes" and "general consensus". There's a substantial minority of people who only like "modern art".


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