Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Loosening Up. Again.

I've done it again. Tighten up, that is, when I paint. With these two paintings I had a heck of job trying to keep loose and not get drawn into fiddling with detail. Well, not too much anyway. I must not fiddle with detail. I must stay loose. I must not fiddle with detail. I must stay loose. I must not fiddle with detail. I must stay loose.

Anyway. In my musical mode, I've just started to learn the tin whistle. It's supposed to be a simple instrument to learn but at the moment I'm having trouble changing my fingering from C to high D but hopefully it will come with practice. If anyone fancies taking up an instrument, I can recommend the tin whistle, it's great fun and the sound can be so pure and haunting when it's played properly. They are cheap, have no parts that wear out and there are lot's of excellent tutorials on YouTube to get you going.

Two new words I've recently learnt. Fipple = the whistle bit on a flute or tin whistle. Chiff = The metalic chiff sound that a flute makes at the beginning of a note being sounded. The chiff is the measure of how good a flute is. e.g. A good flute has a good chiff. (I think).

Beggars Hollow Brook. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.

Turpins Path. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. John, dropping by to say hello. These are gorgeous. I love the paintings that I bought of yours, and I with them in front of me, and using the advice about technique, I've done several paintings. I'm still a novice, but I am feeling better and better about the results. I just posted a movie on my blog with poets from around the blog along with photographs and images. One of the poems I used three of my watercolors for the visuals, with some interesting effects due to the transitions. You might enjoy it! I hope you'll come for a visit.

  2. I like your affirmations, John. That's a good way remember. I never heard a tin whistle before. So, of course, I had to google it. I found this on youtube, and really enjoy the sound of the instrument but would like something a little slower:)

    P.S. Lovely tranquil images.

  3. Thank you Catherine and Nancy. As you'll know Catherine, I dropped by your site and was blown over with your poetry videos. A "must see" and "listen". Very high Quality.

    Nancy, thanks for the Link. Father Ryan, is the fellow who I've been learning tin whistle with. The fast jigs and reels would take ages to learn and like you I find them a bit too pacey. There are some excellent "airs" which have a very emotional and haunting feeling to them which I would really like to learn.

  4. I'm really liking this new take on your style.
    I love your work because it always reminds me of warm, comfortable places from my childhood - in the way that I dream about them now. These new ones kinda have a new 'coolness' factor and remind me of dreams that aren't quite as comfortable!

    But, I say that if you're trying to break out of your comfort zone - let go of the musts! At least for a little while. Why 'must' you do anything? Repeating mantras is no way to break free of anything! :)


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