Thursday, May 21, 2009

All Change.

I've been trying to experiment with my painting technique lately, just to liven things up and see how it may affect my work. I normally work with the painting surface angled at about 0-20 degrees for my wet in wet painting, and then alternate between a low angle and flat for the more detailed passages. I've fished out my old table easel because I want to paint almost vertically now. Just to see how things go.

Another thing I'm doing is to experiment in keeping the paper wetter for longer. This is to give me more time with the wet in wet stage. I've noticed recently that I work very fast at that stage and I want to give myself longer to see what else I can do with the extra time. I've devised a method that will enable me to do this but I need to ensure that it will still work at an almost vertical angle. I hope it does because I do find it difficult to work well when the warm days are here and the paper dries out too soon. We will see. If it all works out well, I'll publish the results here soon and give details of how you can do it too.

However here is todays painting that I did using my retarded drying time system. I thought it came out reasonably well and it looks like I may be able to see some interesting results in the future.

Woodland Path. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.

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