Sunday, May 17, 2009

Same again but different.

By way of a change I thought I'd try and paint some tiny miniatures. Although I favour smaller format paintings anyway, I thought I'd try some even smaller ones to see what technical issues would arise. The change in size, had quite a marked affect on the way that I needed to work and I found the watercolour paper surface quite a challenge.

I use rough paper normally which suits me fine but it was difficult to manage with such small sizes. What were normally textural ripples on the paper surface became hills and valleys which demanded respect.

Although I used less paint, believe it or not they each took the same amount of time that I would need to paint a 7 x 5 inch piece. Another problem was one of judging colour value on the brush and on the paper. It isn't easy working at such a scale and I couldn't work as wet as I would normally like.

The little paintings shown here are all 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size.


  1. John, these are wonderful! well done for painting so small. Did you paint them all on the same sheet, masked off?

  2. You couldn't tell there was any learning curve in these at all - each is a little jewel of a painting and so small! It's not easy painting that small and getting the depth you got.

  3. Thanks Maggie and Rhonda. No Maggie, I painted them as individual pieces. I couldn't just mask them off as I dunk the paper in water when I start to do the wet in wet.

    Thanks Rhonda, there is still a bit to learn yet like I'd like to get even more depth but I think that would be hard with watercolour.

  4. Beautiful Art!! Superb! Are they Atcs? You seem to be an expert in Watercolor. Good to have 'met' you thru Cathy's blog.

    Have a Wonderful Day!

  5. Such lovely woodland scenes! I would love to see you do some of your 'Picaso/Chagall' works in watercolor. With your control of transparency, they should be dynamic! This is the first I have seen your work and it struck me that all your watercolors are of trees, albeit wonderful ones.

  6. Thanks deepazarts, Mark, Kathy and Fuzzy Brush for your comments which are much appreciated.

  7. John, these are lovely cards in trading card size. You have more than met the challenge of painting these miniatures. Such great control you have over your medium!


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