Monday, May 04, 2009

Traditional/Abstract Hybrid.

Had a battle with this one and I'm not totally convinced by it yet but it has some redeeming features and it is growing on me. I don't know what the redeeming features are but it is slowly growing on me. I'll put it to one side and look at it occasionally and decide whether it's a dud'n or a good'n. At the moment I'm inclined towards a good'n. We'll see. Fresh eyes later will tell me. I must try not to mix styles, it confuses me.

New River. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. I am enthralled by this one. I don't know whether or not you are familiar with Canada's "Group of Seven" and Tom Thomson but this painting reminds me of the spirit of their work. I love the touch of blue!

  2. It's a "good'n". No doubt about it.

  3. Thanks Joyce and J. I'm off to google the group of seven and tom Thomson now.

  4. Hi John
    Its a beautiful piece. I love the way the reality blends into the abstract here.

  5. I love abstract landscapes and this one is particularly nice.

  6. love it. such movement. i am a traditionalist, but, i love the way you have done both here!


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