Monday, January 11, 2010

Crews Hill. Enfield.

New Year. New start. It's taking me time to ramp up to my usual output. I've had a number of commissions that I needed to complete and it kept me away from the work I enjoy the most. I don't like doing commissions. It can be very difficult trying to make a mundane subject look interesting and exciting. However, I did it with aplomb and my client was very pleased with the resulting artwork. I don't post my commissions on here. As far as I'm concerned I painted it for my client and it is their property even though I retain the copyright. It's a shame because I thought they came out looking rather good.

Anyway, belated Happy New Year one and all. It's going to be interesting in more ways than one to see what this year brings to the table. I may even make some more music for your entertainment.

Crews Hill, Enfield. Watercolour. 7 x 5 inches.


  1. These branches are very complex and tangled, like an active brain! Shame you can't show us the commission but well done on the job.

  2. Wish you a great 2010, John.Hope you are doing good!This is one of your most wonderful works...
    Good day.

  3. Hi Mark, good of you to drop in.
    Hi Arti, hope you are well too.

  4. Your paintings are beautiful, love your use of color.

  5. Beautiful! Wonderful warm hues and very delicately detailed.

  6. John,I give you the Sunshine Award for your beautiful and outstanding works!

    Please visit my most recent post where the rules are listed.


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