Wednesday, June 02, 2010

All Change. But only slightly.

I'm changing the way I paint slightly. I'm attempting to get more light into my paintings and to create more shadow. In essence I am using less paint and the actual painting time is less than I used to take but, the thinking time is longer at the moment. I will have cracked it when the thinking time has been reduced and the detail has been reduced but the light and overall effectiveness of the painting has increased.

Hadley Wood. Watercolour 7x 5 inches.

Newgate Woods. Watercolour 7x 5 inches.


  1. wow John! *thumbsup* these are beautiful! I admire your landscapes. Looking forward to the new changes! they are looking good! :D

  2. Hi John
    This is a welcome change to your paintings. Looking very good. Do you only do 5x7 size?

  3. You've achieved a glorious quality of light in these.

  4. Thank you Srishti. I was impressed with your tropical fish on the screwed up paper. That batik effect is quite amazing. I must try that.

    Thank You Sandeep. I prefer to paint small for a few reasons. 1. Most people can find a little corner to hang a small painting. 2. They are easy to put into the post. I hate rolling paintings to put in postal tubes. 3. I have more control with a small painting and it's easier to handle on location. (eg) Don't need a tripod etc.

    I do paint larger but prefer small. Your landscapes are coming along leaps and bounds. They are excellent and very atmospheric. Good to hear from you again. Hope you are well.

    Thank You Gillian. I'll be in South Wales at the end of the summer, near Tenby. My brother lives in Narberth. Took a look at your layered paintings, they look fantastic. Keep going.

  5. Love the Hadley Wood pic! Really caught my eye. I've been trying to paint trees like this myself today and failing. Shame you can't pop round and do them for me!

  6. Mark. I'll be transmitting a nocturnal dream tutorial tonight. Be sure to tune in.

  7. Your work is wonderful! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.


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