Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some recent watercolour work. Part 1.

As far as my watercolour output is concerned I've had quite a lazy summer. Now that the temperatures have dropped a little, I feel more inclined to spend time painting in the studio. Although I love the sun and the brightness of the summer, I'm finding the heat to be more of a problem. Apart from the discomfort it can play havoc with attempts to paint in such conditions.

However, here is my output from the last couple of weeks. I hope there will be many more to come.


  1. Those are lovely John. I especially like the one on the bottom. Will you be putting these up for sale?


  2. Hi Cynthia, good to hear from you again. Yes, will be putting them on eBay tonight but to be honest, eBay has been pretty quiet lately so I'm not expecting much interest.
    Hope you are keeping well and enjoying a good summer.

  3. very amazing paintings i liked them all
    but specially i liked the first painting
    liked the detailed trees on the background

    well done ,

  4. very beautiful! love the third one!

  5. Hi John,
    It's delighted to see your comments in my blog...thank you so much for your kind-concerned too...The painters like us are given a scare always by problems about eyes; it's great to know that your eyes are ok as well now, May God bless you, my cyber-friend:)
    About your last paintings,you did them wonderfully!!!they put me in peaceful and composure...I love them.


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