Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Watercolour Demonstration Video.

I created this video today. Thought you may like to watch it. People kept asking me to do another one, so here it is. I'm hoping to do more in the future but I have to wait for lighting conditions to be just right. So If I'm in the right mood and have the time I'll try and create a series. Hope you enjoy it. There's no harmonica in this one. OK, you can stop cheering now.


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  2. When you begin painting do you have a clear idea of how you want the finished work to look, or do you just start and let it become what it becomes? Do you sketch first? Work from a photo? You just make it look so effortless!

  3. Thank you Gretchen.

    Thank you Anonymous.

    Thank you Wendi. In answer to your questions Wendi. No I don't sketch first, I just go straight in with the paint.

    I do work from photos and I do work on site when the weather permits.

    I start out with a visual image in my mind as to what I want the painting to achieve but on the rare occasion a happy accident may occur which leads me in a different direction. This is both exciting and scarey at the same time because it may not resolve into a decent painting.

    I am not a slave to whatever is in front of me. If a tree is in the wrong place I'll move it. If the sky is too dark I'll make the sunshine. If the scene benefits from a stream running through it, I'll put one in.

    It's like being a demi-god, I can create whatever I want. Oftentimes a scene which I photograph looks great at the time but once I see the photo, the essence which appealed at that time has gone so I try to put the magic back in in the painting.

    I'm pleased you think it looks effortless but I can assure you that there are battles going on in my mind throughout the process. Even after many years of painting I need to be in the right frame of mind and everything needs to be just so, but I suppose experience and having a long relationship with my materials helps a great deal.

    I try to complete a painting at one sitting because to get the best from the watercolour media you need to work fairly fast and you don't want the paper to get bone dry.

    Hope that helps answer your questions and thanks for posing them.


  4. Love watching you paint, harmonica is very enjoyable too. Your colors are so strong at the end of your process, giving such a glow to your back ground. Love the effect. Always an inspiration to visit your blog.


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