Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three little ones.

I'm going through another mini confidence crisis. We all go through it. I can normally talk other artists through it but I can't take my own advice. Anyway, I know it's not going to last and that it's only temporary so I'll just soldier on and try to break through it one way or another.

I've painted these three small watercolours over the last two days whilst thinking about a change in direction. I need to allow for my paintings to be painted over a period of time rather than in a single session. The only problem with that is, if I screw up, I've lost a couple of days work, Hmmm! Need to look deeper into this. Anyway, I don't want to get rusty with my colours and brushes so I did these to keep my hand in. The Carrs Lane composition leaves a lot to be desired but I include it because the sense of light turned out fairly well.

I'm going to spend more time drawing over the next few days. I really do need to get back into the habit again but I desperately, desperately want to loosen up. I get so tight and worry about detail when I start to relax. I really must sort my act out. Again. Tut, tut  John.

Lower Lake, Forty Hall. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.
Moonlight in the Woods. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.

Carrs Lane. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. John, I hope you get through the mini crisis, but not too soon as these three paintings are exquisitely moody! Emotive. I can see your frustration in the work and that to me is part of what makes art great, or great art? Very interesting to see where your change of direction will take you. I am also trying to loosen up and it is a difficult thing to achieve. I like these very much :)

  2. Thanks Samantha. Yes you'd think it would be easy to relax and loosen up but it's very difficult if you've been conditioned to be accurate, and exact in the past.

    Old habits are hard to break and even harder if you want to be loose and splashy in one sphere of your life but still need to be totally controlled and exact in another.

    I'm talking art versus programming here. Computers need information that is spot-on-the-money to work. A guess just isn't good enough.

    Once again, all I can say is it's another one of those things that I'm working on. ;o)

  3. I find I paint loosely when tired but tight in the morning. My friend Andrew said the only way to gain confidence is to do what scares you... so true!

  4. That's good advice about being scared Mark. Boo!

  5. Thanks Taoi.

    Thanks BrandNewStudio. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I'll be sure to come back and see you.

  6. Hi John,
    is very nice to know your blog!
    your works are fantastic!!
    and greetings from Sao Paulo!

  7. Thank you Denise. It was good of you to find my blog and leave your comment. Hope you enjoy it.

  8. I do hope you emerge stronger from this 'mini crisis' of yours, John!To me, your work is never short of anything! Its tough to break a habit- but than, why do we need to? I m just an amateur..but I feel once you develop a style, or a habit, it won't go away! I hope you start painting soon,( the weather is not helping either, I know!)

  9. Oh Thank you Arti, I've just got to keep plugging away. It will all turn out right in the end.

    As far as the weather is concerned Arti, you have been our good luck charm in that respect. Since you came to the UK, the weather has improved tremendously. Thank you.

  10. John, Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog post of a few days ago. I know how you feel, as I go through these mini crisis thingies as well! I’m always too loose and want to add more detail and composition!!!! I like all of these…the last one has some lovely foliage and the top one is just gorgeous. I’ve posted a help question on my blog post of today, and wondered if you might be able to advise. If you guys were here I would give you lessons in painting loose (lol)…..


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