Monday, July 04, 2011

Going in Deep.

Stand aside there. I'm going in and I'm going in deep. As Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise would say, "If I'm not back by teatime, you've got to leave without me". Well I'm going in deep and dark and dangerous. I'm using thick dark watercolour and layering it on. You'd be surprised how light it can dry even though it's applied quite thickly. I'm not using any black apart from that which has already been mixed into my sepia by the manufacturer. Believe it or not, it's quite difficult to paint dark watercolours.

Deep in Trent Park. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.

Ice Cream Wars.

Every afternoon at 4pm the Ice Cream vendor stops in my road to sell his ice cream. On his arrival we get a minutes or so of Oranges and Lemons played at uber full volume. It is so loud it rattles the windows. I've complained to the council but it would seem the noise abatement laws do not apply to mobile ice cream vendors. At 4pm too, just when you're ready to turn over in the middle of your siesta. He stops just outside my house.

Today, I was ready for him. I mounted my Roland amplifier in my opened upstairs window and waited. Oranges and lemons said the bells of St Clements, blah, blah. When he stopped my amp was switched on and I gave him such a mouthful of abuse and disgusting language, I don't think he knew what hit him. Got him! The bast*rd, how dare he ruin my artistic afternoon thoughts with that racket, even though those thoughts may have sent me off to the land of nod. I'll probably be up in court next week, but tomorrow, I'm going to video this peacebreakers racket and put it on YouTube if I don't get any satisfaction from the council. He is just so bloody loud. It's criminal behaviour.

My next target is the 5 o'clock ice cream vendor. I've noticed his volume has been creeping up lately. The thing with him though is his choice of music. Oh Solo mio or whatever it's called. I just can't stand it and I'm not going to put up with it anymore. So there.

Anyway, when the ice cream man went I finished painting this one so all was not lost.

Cuffley Woods. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. this is looking great! i love the depth especially on the first one! i would like to one day be that good with my watercolors!

  2. You have a real knack here with the darker colours John, they are very appealing, bravo!..despite the ice cream mans best efforts. (I took Mikey out to the ice cream van once, he never came around again :) if you'd like to borrow Mikey.....?

  3. Thanks Artist. I visited your blog today and looked at your drawings. You are doing very well. Your watercolours will come in time. Don't rush it, enjoy the journey.

    Thanks Samantha. Good idea. I'll keep Mikey as my Plan 'B'. If all else fails I'll be on the phone to you :o)

  4. Haha good luck with the van. We have one stop right outside the house at 6pm, but not that often. He'll probably keep coming as my dad is his most faithful customer, pacing around the front door in anticipation before waddling towards him at high speed. Our bane is next door's car alarm. I do hope someone actually steals that car one day!

  5. That word picture of your Dad made me laugh Mark. "Waddling towards him at high speed". Ha ha. Car Alarms are a pain. We have a regular 5pm chorus of fire engines, polce cars and ambulances. Nice.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful nostalgia trip! I lived in Edmonton/Enfield in the eighties and it has been terrific to remember old haunts, and so fabulously painted too.

  7. Thanks Sharon. It begs the question, how on earth did you manage to escape?

  8. My knight in shining armour came to my rescue!First to Hoddesdon,Herts, then Ramsey,Cambs, now paradise....I mean Watlington,North Norfolk!


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