Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tears for Enfield. (After the Riots)

I was born in The Ride, in Ponders End. I've lived in Enfield all my life apart from a couple of years when I was younger. I ran away to sea and travelled the world in tramp steamers mainly around the Far East and Indian Ocean.

All my fond memories were played out here and most of my intimate landscape paintings are based on places in and around Enfield where I grew up.

Enfield was caught up in the recent London Riots but I'm so pleased to say, wasn't damaged nearly so badly as some of the London Boroughs.

I hadn't been feeling very positive lately, the artistic muse was tantalising me with some ideas but not enough to formulate any paintings. The news of the riots left me bereft of any ideas or willingness to paint and left me feeling more sombre than I had been before.

I need to deal with these feelings in my own way and I find the best is through creativity in one form or other. When I'm not painting, I make music. I created a piece of music which expresses how I felt when all the madness of the last few days pushed away the positive thoughts I was trying to build up.

Disclaimer. I am only responsible for the music in this video. I trawled the web for images and edited those that I used by adjusting, cropping and converting to grey scale etc. As this is a not-for-profit expression of my feelings in an artistic manner and are not actual copies, I hope that the original copyright holders will not mind me giving their work extra coverage in this way.


  1. I did think of you when I watched the events unfold on the news. Much of the UK has gone mad, I fear. So glad you are OK. I did paint your photo and posted it couple of posts ago on my blog
    John, I think you should teach (one or two) of the young folk in Enfield) to paint...or at least introduce them to the world of art. That way you have done 'your bit' in putting the wrongs to right....just a thought.....all you need is to give a little of your time regularly, some materials and your love of painting....... making the world a better place, one creative seed at a time!

  2. John that piece of music is reflective of how I am feeling too, and I'll bet a lot of other Londoners too. I wish you would put images of the horrible destruction to it, call it Tears for London and publish it on YouTube and other channels.

  3. It's all over the news here in Holland too. It's incomprehensible.

  4. Your music is as haunting as the images. It will be awhile before the shock leaves us, I fear. For me though it is as surreal as the violence elsewhere in the world.

  5. Thanks Maggie. I like your idea of giving something back to plant that creative seed. I've been thinking along the lines of music though. I think that would be more acceptable to some of these people. I've been thinking about how I could do it.

    Thanks Samantha. Your wish is my command. See what you've started? 183 hits as of now :)

    Thanks Judy. Yes this is all over the world news now. The Global village is a reality.

    Thanks Sharon. Yes I'm quite proud of the music and the way it has turned out. I play blues harmonica usually but used a sound synthesiser sequencer to make this. On the keyboard I only used the white notes, I haven't got to grips with the sharps and flats on the black notes yet.

  6. This music is exactly right... I can feel the smoke and fire. Using the events for art is always a good idea. Constable was one artist who (I discovered with amazement and to my joy) aimed to painted only his feelings. May you gain inspiration!

  7. John...I came here though a link on Maggies blog, and so glad I did. I live very close to you in Highams Park and am fortunate to be far enough away from it, even though at the time it came scareingly too close for comfort. I can't even begin to describe my feeling at what went on and still find myself in some disbelief, and to what those who were in amongst it must have gone through.....

    Your music and presentation of this is something else, I can't remember beings so moved by something. I sat thinking of all those that were victims of this nightmare and my heart goes out to them.

    Thank you for creating this........So so moving...

  8. Hi John - they stopped 10 minutes walk time away from me so I know how you are feeling.

    This week just feels all topsy turvy and like I've been through a wringer. That and the totally disturbed sleep patterns does not help.

    I think when we've had something big like this happen to use we need to give ourselves some time and space to find a way through it.

    In relation to the painting, maybe leave it a little while and see what happens next week?

  9. Thanks Mark.

    Thanks Stephie. You're just down the road from me. You must have heard all the sirens on Sunday night. I'm going to email you. ref. Facebook.

    Thanks Katherine. You're right of course.


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