Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Studying Turners Methods.

I got a book from the library yesterday which described some of Turner's working methods. Unfortunately, he didn't leave any information behind about his techniques, so most of what we read is here say and deduction. One interesting thing I learnt was that Turner painted most of his watercolours on smooth writing paper. I saw some of his work at the Turner Exhibition at the Tate and could make out the fact that the paper was like a very finely woven linen but I didn't realise it was writing paper.

With my newly acquired enthusiasm for my painting here is yesterdays picture. I want to do some more but I'm also trying to finish a piece of music that I'm writing for a competition and I have a deadline to meet. Which will win, music or painting? What a lovely dilemma to have.

Tuckers Brook. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. John I love, love and love this! Those are my colours and you make them so fresh and alive. Nice one!

  2. I'm a novice at watercolour but this winter I'm definately working at it. Thanks for your info and inspiration.

  3. Nice to see some more delightful work from you, John.
    I am having a little show here in Basingstoke from September 19th to oct 8th of my pencil works..just wanted to share with you!

  4. Hi Samantha, yeah! these are my colours too. I must try to find a piece I read about an artist who said you can even make cowsh*t sing in a painting just so long as you use appropriate colours adjacent to it. He is right of course.

    Hi Maggie, thank you. Yours and others encouraging words of late have helped enormously to get me going again.

    Hi Carlann, Thanks, yes it does need working at but anything worthwhile does too.

    Hi Arti, Thanks, yes I left a comment on your blog.


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