Friday, October 21, 2011

It's been a long week.

It was a week today that Little Woger died. It's been the longest, saddest week that I can ever remember. I've thrown myself into my painting with the aim of keeping busy and not dwelling on the sadness. It's been so hard concentrating on what I was doing. In the past I'd have Little Woger jumping up and sitting behind me as I worked. He'd jump onto my work bench to drink my brush rinsing water and I'd spend the next ten minutes with tweezers trying to get the cat hairs out of my paints. Happy days. He was a cheeky little fella.

I've had many messages both on and off the blog, from like minded pet owners who have expressed their sadness and sent some comforting words of wisdom for which I am very grateful. Thank you.

I never took any photos of the cats because I knew that it would be devastating to see them again once they had gone. I know it sounds stupid but that's just me I'm afraid, I'd rather just remember them in my head. However, I did capture them in various sketches and paintings and I've decided to post some of those images here. As I type this I can hear Little Weggie. She has become aware that Woger is no longer here now. She keeps looking for him and what appears to be crying so she is getting a lot of attention and comfort now. Poor Little Weggie.

I used Woger and Weggie as models in a variety of paintings. They are all paintings from the imagination and apart from them the other characters are just made up. In one painting I even changed their colour for artistic purposes only.

Catwoman. Pastel 1998. Woger at the back.
Catwoman (Picasso-esque) hangs in my studio. I never had an image so had to photograph it, hence the reflections in the glass. Sorry.

Happy Families 1998. Watercolour and Ink. 

Quality Time. 2005. Watercolour.

Woger starred in this "Domestic Scene". 1997 Watercolour.

There are more paintings but I can't locate them all now. Forgive me for going on like this but I'm hoping it will help me to move on, as they say. I've painted five woodland watercolours over the past few days which I'll post here soon with a little luck. 

Thanks for your messages and comments once again. It's nice to know you are there.


  1. Hello John
    I still remember my pet dog who died during her labour when I was in my teens.I still remember the loss, the pain..and this is the reason I never kept a pet again, though my son would love to have one.
    I hope you get over your loss soon.
    Very best

  2. Thankyou Arti. Sad days. Time will heal.

  3. John, so sorry for your loss. I think we've all lost a pet or two along our life's journey, and it's always so devastating. I will be praying for you and Little Weggie. I can feel her distress :( Hugs to you.. you are an amazing person!

  4. Jean I'm sorry for your loss .. I know what you feel .. I had four cats I lost two very sick this year and I have one that is leaving us too .. it is a tragedy and I can not really paint my head .. also ..
    I send you all my friendship .. !


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