Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NPN Junction.

It's amazing isn't it? I went through a short period where I was able to empty my head and paint from the gut. I know they weren't masterpieces but they had a certain something that made me happy. I try not to think too deeply and analytically about these things because it will tie me in knots.

However, I painted a few trials which I wanted to work up into a finished painting but the moment I started to think about how I was going to do it on a real nice piece of paper and bang! I can't do it. It seems impossible to preplan these things. I can't do everything spontaneously. I need a bit of order.

Anyway, this is the results of one of those sessions. It's about 10% of what I wanted and 90% of visual padding and fluff.

NPN Junction 7.5 x 10.5 inches Watercolour and Gouache.


Hmmm! This detail in a square format looks like it may have legs. More grist for the mill.


  1. John, I can't explain it, but this painting "sings" to me - LOVE it!

  2. Thankyou SATF. I can't explain it either. I wish I could. For some daft reason it just looks right. Maybe Mark Sheeky will throw some light on it. He's good like that. Very clever.

  3. I love the colour, the shapes and the composition, great stuff...

  4. Cool. You know I don't think anyone in the history of art has painted the function of transistors before!

    There are lots of ways to get round art blockages, I'm sure you'll find one. Perhaps you could get so much fancy paper that you won't worry about wasting it and instead enjoy using it? It's for reasons like that that I only use the best materials. You can bet that if I decided to paint something on cardboard in food colouring one day, it would turn out to be an accidental masterpiece!

    Remember than most art is 100% fluff! That 10% makes an infinite amount of difference!

  5. Sorry for no responses.

    Tragic circumstances in the Salmon family.


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