Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rainbow River.

I wonder if I may have pushed things a little too far with this painting? I wanted to cheer myself up with colour. I've been involved in some heavy manual work chipping away at concrete whilst trying to expose some pipes in order to fix a leak. I was using a heavy hammer and cold chisel and I hit my own hand. Ouch! Anyway, my painting time has been limited of late so these little pieces are speedily executed at the end of the day without too much forethought. I wanted colour but I wonder if you feel I may have gone too far? I enjoyed painting this and I must admit the colour does give me some cheer. Wonder what tomorrow may bring to my painting efforts?
Rainbow River. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. I lOVE love Love this. I've been wanting to do something similar with the dark trees against a colorful background, but I have so many half done paintings I just need to get my act together and get them done first. so in the meantime I will enjoy yours.
    peace n abundance,

  2. I like it,John.The glow is beautiful...some experiments turn out so well!

  3. Thankyou for all the encouraging comments.

  4. It is beautiful - like an enhanced memory of a perfect evening. Beautiful.

  5. It is really nice. Seems you went outside your reduced palette. What is the red color?
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work. It quite strikes in me the way I have always wanted to paint. Painted in oils then acrylics for years. but now I am determined to learn watercolors. I appreciate your inspiration. Wish you had some more demos I could glean from.
    Best to you,

  6. The red would be alizarin crimson. Look over to the left margin near the top of this page and find my YouTube videos. There are some demos in there somewhere. Thanks.


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