Friday, February 08, 2013

Trees, Stream and Rocks

This is my fifth attempt at this scene. I'm gradually getting to the point of satisfaction but I'm not quite there yet. I wanted the stream to be the highlight like a river of gold running down the picture but I allowed the surrounding rocks to become too light. I may have a fiddle but I'd far rather get it right first time. Most of my paintings are done with one sitting and this one took a couple of hours.
Each attempt allows me to distill the scene further and discover where I waste time on unnecessary detail. My idea of a good painting is one which I can do with a flourish in under an hour.
I messed up my scanner settings on this one too so the colour is not quite right although it's fairly close.


  1. It looks excellent, John.I so like the way you paint trees, and eliminating unnecessary detail is what I need to learn,too!

  2. Hi Arti. Good to hear from you. How many times must we have to keep reminding ourselves about these things? Once we are in the zone, common sense just flies out the window. Hope you are well.


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