Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Cut.

Phew! This was a tough one. My mission to paint a forest with a winding track with steep sided rocky embankments on each side. I don't quite know how I pulled it off but it took quite a long time and much head scratching. Not so many rocks next time, I think. I never do any preparatory drawing. I just imagine what I want and go straight in with the colour. My next test will be to try and do something similar but with a stream running through it. The problems I need to work out would be the reflections in the water. Not easy? We'll see.

The Cut. Watercolour 7 x 5 inches.


  1. beautiful, what kind of paper did you use?

  2. Thankyou Lars. I used 140 lb Bockingford Rough.

  3. Thanks Anna. Yes I think so too. I need to leave it for a day or two then look again with fresh eyes. Yep, I think this one gets through my quality control :).

  4. Great job with a most difficult subject! You managed to unite the disparate forms with a limited palette and it reads well.

  5. Hello John. I really like the rocks on this one, they have great form and look really "chunky" and solid. They lead into the image very well.

  6. I LOVE the composition, even more the palette used draws the eye wonderfully....and I want to linger there.
    I have got into the habit of using photos to help me finish off because limbs can't put up with staying in one place for long these days !!!
    Also good to see someone else "doing"the same size, friends think I am potty for sticking with under 10" !
    Look forward to reading more now I have found you..
    ...thank you for showing the beautiful pictures.

  7. Thankyou AquarellisteCharpent. I'm pleased you mentioned the size. I've found it to be quite good because people can always find a little corner to hang a small watercolour whereas thay don't always have space for a large painting. Thanks for your comments.


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